Thursday, 8 September 2011


Next stop Ibiza on my musical journey.
The usual team and stunning pianist Gwilym Simcock stepped off our Easyjet flight into a Barmy Mediterranean evening.
Our apartment overlooked the sea and was part of a great gay hotel, with a bar so full of German men with tight shorts it was tricky getting to the bar.
Jane's knowledge of the island was invaluable, not only for finding the best shots but also the best restaurants.
We interviewed Carl and did some filming of him having a lesson from Gwilym at the resident DJ's villa up in the hills....nice.
Carl wasn't on until 3am! at 'Space'.... so we had a little rose to pass the time.
Filming in the club was great fun. a few thousand people having a good time with the big man Carl, doing his stuff. so filmed and danced and drunk until the sun came up!
Then headed to the beach for a swim and a coffee and carried on filming till our flight back.
Came home shattered. great experience. funny old place, not sure I'd choose to go back.

Bagpipes, Provence and Alastair Campbell

My Sky Arts series continued with a wonderful little trip to Provence.
Jane, Brigid and I popped down to Neme, grabbed a hire car and headed towards the vineyards.
I had forgotten the effect this place has on me. The sun, warmth, smells of lavender and thyme, the fields of vines and sunflowers, stunning walled properties with faded shutters.
We stayed in a gorgeous little auberge with views up to mont Ventoux.
We met Alastair for lunch in his local village. incredibly charming open man. the afternoon was spent interviewing him and his lovely wife and their house nearby.
It was a privilege to sit and listen to somebody so intricately involved with the top echelons of power of our countries recent government.
Early evening was spent filming Alastair performing at this local bar. The village market was in full swing, so it made for a wonderfully visual sequence.
as the sun dipped behind the hills, we grabbed some GV's before heading for a barbecue at the Campbell's.
a delightful evening was had.
Our early morning flight home was trying.