Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Right, New Year, new filming trips.

Quick catch up since Gorillas.

We spent four months in all out in Rwanda and Uganda and its a time we'll never forget.

Expect to see the films sometime in the Autumn.

I was lucky enough to do a few more shoots for 'Human Planet'.

I hunted Kudu in the Kalahari with the Bushman, fished for snakes in Cambodia, and chased lions off a kill with the Dorobo!

And just before Christmas I got to play with Stephen Fry, Mark carwadine and some white rhino In Prague!

S0 2010
Im off to Kenya to go and see my Ele's for a couple of weeks, which will be magic, then off to Australia in March for the last Human Planet shoot to film the rounding up of 2000 cattle with Helicopters!

I am then starting a series in North America about an amazing man called Lynn Rogers who walks with Brown Bears. Im really excited about getting to know these extrodinary creature.

Sadly Becs and Finn wont be with me, although i hope they get to make it out to meet the bears.

There we go, a quick catch up and preview!

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