Saturday, 25 April 2009

Arrival in Rwanda

We were all really sad to leave Martha, the gorillas and the beautiful forest. We trundled off in two wagons and headed south to Rwanda.
Extraordinary landscapes unfolded as every inch of the impossibly steep slopes was farmed and tended. And all this beneath the shadows of the ever larger volcanoes.
We thought it looked like Gods gran had sewn a giant patchwork quilt and thrown it over an orgy of well endowed ladies!
we bumped our way on dusty tracks to the border and after an hour of bureaucracy we climbed onto the well maintained tarmac roads of Rwanda.
Suddenly there were people everywhere, which was quite shocking. and i couldn't help but have flashes to what this road to Uganda must have looked like in 1994. There are memorials to the genocide everywhere.
Ruengerhi seems like a gold town, with the precious metal being the gorillas, with silverbacks adorning the sides of every ngo landcruiser we pass. and above the few dusty craft shops.
We are staying in a hotel on the edge of town. After 3 weeks in the forest this is really quite hard. the luxury of a shower is nice, but the noise, bustle and fumes aren't.
We will spend the next couple of days meeting the 'players' in the Rwanda gorilla circles and looking for a house to rent.
Finn as per usual is taking it all in his stride and is as happy as a sand boy cos there's diggers outside!

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