Sunday, 3 May 2009

We are now ensconced in a beautiful cottage at Gorillas nest, thirteen miles outside Ruengerhi. Four volcanoes flank us and blue hills fold away into the distance. I can see six crested cranes inspecting the grass in front of me.
The last few days have been a struggle in town as we’ve searched for accommodation, although it has been lovely meeting the various people we are to be working with, they all seem really helpful and bubbly.
We all got a bit low, being in town after the forest, but everything has worked out wonderfully as Ryan the manager here as sorted us out royally. And we are now proud residents in ‘Jungle jack Hanna’s Rwandan retreat’
Tomorrow Rosie and I head out to find our first Rwanda Volcano gorillas. Very exciting.
Becs and Nigel are still under quarantine.
Finn as per usual has made himself at home straight away.

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