Wednesday, 6 May 2009

day 2

Today we had Veronica to show us the way. A bubbly Italian.
The sun shone and we headed up.
We nearly got to the summit and were at about 3500 metres. Really felt it.
Got slightly better views of this group particularly when four of them came and sat next to us to investigate the ‘out of breath pale creatures’.
I felt very privileged to have an adult female mountain gorilla sit a
few metres away and look me in the eye.
Again the views from here out across the plains are mind blowing and with the waves of mist rolling in and suddenly cloaking you in damp whiteness it’s quite a unique place.
Less arse over tit as we descended this time and we managed to procure a fine sack of spuds as we entered the farm land. The soil here is second to none, with up to 20ft of beautiful dark top soil. Everybody’s shambas are immaculate and the crops bigger, greener and healthier than anything at home.
Rosie had resigned herself to the loss of her knickers off the line in Bwindi (presumed monkey’s), but now again the brief thief has struck again with a whole bag of her undies vanishing!
It’s a worrying development and we're keeping a close eye on the situation.
Becs will be out on the mountain soon and is itching to get up there, whilst at home Finn is ruling the roost and having a wonderful time.

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