Thursday, 1 April 2010

April 1st

Currently sat with Juliette - a 7 year old mum- and her three new cubs.
Spring has arrived. It was yesterday ! Yep all the ice vanished in about 48 hrs. It's now warm, barmy and the first midge has been seen.
Juliette's cubs have changed noticeable in the last couple of days. One is particularly adventuress and is clambering up any available branch, although Lilly's cub Hope seems way ahead of them, clambering 6 ft up a pine tree yesterday. She also got me in trouble.
I was quietly sat there with little docile hope off to my left and Lilly wandering off right. I turned to try and film a silhouette of Lilly in front of the lake. I turn and see that hope has spotted me and is stumbling toward me! I try and put her off with hand waving. Any second Lilly will turn and see me with her cub!
Hope gets to within a foot and shows no sign of stopping so I have to leap over a fallen tree. Hope screams, Lilly turns, bellows and come charging, I shriek and ruin another pair of trousers.
Don't trust cubs.

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