Sunday, 6 June 2010

June in the north woods

I know, I know,
Things were busy I didn't write.
It's early June and I'm back with the bears. Young mum lily has abandoned her cub hope who is being kept alive out in the forest with food supplements.
We went out last night in torrential rain and filmed the little sodden ball of fur being hand fed blueberries by Sue. poor little thing. It's stirring up massive controversy across the state betwen the ' intervene' and ' and let nature take it's course ' camps.
I'm a fan of the nut cases, one of whom things 'hope' Is the Jesus Christ of bears !
Driving along this morning we spotted a White tailed deer and two fawns, we stopped to film and the mum disappeared and the two tiny fawns dropped into the grass and became instantly invisible. I moved closer and crouched with the camera. One of the fawns rose and shakily stepped over to me and settled next to me as I stroked It! A wonderful wonderful experience.

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