Friday, 20 April 2012

Falklands revisited

A real quickie,
Lovely to team back up with Robin Barnwell. We had crossed part of the Sahara together for Human Planet.
This was rather closer to home.
Myself and Nick met up with Robin and Mr Max Hastings - charming and three of the top brass from the Royal Marines who had run the Marines operations in the Falklands.
it had seemed a good idea to stick everyone on a tiny boat in Plymouth sound to do a chat....
Brilliant idea right up to the point the force 'god knows what' storm blows in.
The bloke hiring us the boat isn't going to say 'don't go out'
The three hard as nails marines aren't going to say 'don't go out'
The director who needs his sequence isn't going to say 'don't go out'
nick and I said 'don't go out'....nobody listened.

we went out.
Blimey, somehow we got a sequence, somehow.
we needed our Vin rouge that night.
lovely blokes, honour to meet them.
they thought my ex German gorilla poo smeared poncho made me look like an 'argentine prisoner', I laughed nervously.

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