Friday, 20 April 2012

Merlin- Fallow deer and Wolves

I've done a couple of shoots for the giant that is 'Merlin' in the last six months.
the first was for the last series with a recalcitrant fallow deer, a smoke machine and a lovely patch of beech forest.
With the help of Sophie and my brother Dom we managed to somehow get what the editors just.
the second i cant sat much about, as the scripts more closely guarded than the crown jewels.
stunning stunning creature

Tweed and Alexa up a ladder

I can say I drove a car full of shiny camera toys up to North Wales with help from Ryan - thanks for the piccies,  to a wonderful man called Tony who cares for a number of wolves in a stunning isolated valley.

We turned up in the dark and Tony took me outside where he preceded to start howling, the call was taken up and soon the darkness was full of that spine tingling primal extroidinary noise that has haunted man's dreams for millennia.
fake snow
Real snow

The next two days consisted of gentle wolf, angry wolf, chicken legs, fake snow, real snow...lots and lots of real snow, good food, tall ladders and high winds....

Was it successful ? 

We will have to see what magic Merlin can weave !

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  1. Hello

    You see some amazing things, makes my life seem very staid and grey!!!
    Thank you for sharing your blog.