Friday, 20 April 2012

Ice Age - Romania

Great fun to be working with my old friends Mark Flowers and Andy Horley
Hard as nails director

again and also really excited to be working with Dr Dr professor  Alice Roberts. 
Someone I've long admired as a presenter and turns out is as Nice and professional as you imagine and not adverse to dancing till 3am in the snow.  
Dr Dr Professor

Marvellous Mag's completed the team.
This is a three parter on the Ice age for the BBC.

We headed off across Bulgaria and Romania in the grip of ' an ice age' with temperatures down to -20.
Before the blizzard

First stop was a ski resort where our idea's of Alice in beautiful sunshine with cranes on top of mountain tops had to be slightly changed due to blizzards and instead we filmed Alice in blizzards.
Actually worked really well. 

on set at the frozen river

crew puppy

Also squeezed in some lovely crane shots on frozen rivers, stunning part of the world.
Our Romanian mountain guides were complete gentleman and plied us with the ubiquitous ghastly local fire water at breakfast to steady the nerves.
We then headed west to these amazing caves that had been hermetically sealed for tens of thousands of years right up to the seventies.
Inside the evidence of cave bears and lions was truly amazing, the bones looked like they had died months ago and due to soft clay you could  clearly see foot prints and even where the hair had brushed against the walls.
being posted

We did some fairly extreme ( for me ! ) caving. Squeezing ourselves through holes that seemed smaller than the ones at the post office you check your letters with.
In contrast near the entrance the caves where vast cathedrals that we were able to play with cranes and lights. Looked fab.
And once again I found myself in an extraordinary place listening to leading experts opening up unknown worlds. I was spell bound.Wonderful team, great experience.

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